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Cheap real estate in Northern Cyprus: Pros and Cons of Budget Foreign Housing

Buying cheap apartments for sale in Cyprus is a budget-friendly way to move to the Mediterranean Sea or invest in the country’s real estate. However, the availability of such properties may come with certain drawbacks. Therefore, it’s essential to consider the potential pros and cons of such housing before entering into an agreement with the seller.


  • Lack of repairs and furniture.
  • Less developed infrastructure.
  • Winding roads instead of smooth ones.
  • Extended waiting for the completion of construction.


  • Ability to obtain Permanent Residency regardless of the property’s cost.
  • Rental income from apartments.
  • Future resale of the property.
  • Living abroad without significant expenses.
  • Good environmental conditions.

The real estate market is evolving, and property values are increasing, making investments in this sector profitable. Additionally, it serves as a contingency landing spot for Europeans, a great investment for your family’s future, and an easy way to obtain Permanent Residency in another country.

For more information on the pros and cons of cheap real estate in Cyprus, please refer to the article “Cheap Real Estate in Northern Cyprus: Pros and Cons of Budget Foreign Housing.”

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