SEO Optimization Methods in MODX 2023

MODX – is a content management system that allows utilizing various methods for website search engine optimization. It enables the organization of a cooperative process for creating, editing, and correcting content for pages. To quickly promote a site on MODX through search engines, several SEO methods should be employed:

  • Proper content and keyword ratio. There shouldn’t be too many keywords. Otherwise, Google may decide that you are trying to abuse its algorithms and reduce the frequency of page delivery;
  • Regular updates. Constantly publishing new content will generate the desire and interest of users to return to the site repeatedly. This will enhance its reputation in the eyes of search engine algorithms, increasing the frequency of delivery;
  • Creation of quality content. An obvious piece of advice that many neglect. Modern search engine algorithms require more than just seeing a large number of keywords. They examine the text structure, expressions used, and how long the user reads it. The latter directly determines the content quality;
  • Site performance optimization. It should work quickly and without lagging. Otherwise, users won’t stay on it for long, negatively affecting the placement in the search results.

If you want to learn more about SEO in MODX in 2023, read THIS ARTICLE.

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